Monday, January 18, 2016

Girl Scout Cookie Program: All About Goal Getter 2016

Goal Getter, the second phase of GSSI's Girl Scout Cookie Program, runs January 31-Feb.20 (between traditional order taking and Cookie Booths) and is intended to help girls reach their goals and desired reward level by allowing them to keep selling up to Cookie Booth weekends. Goal Getter cards will be distributed from the Troop Leader to the Girl Scout when the traditional order cards are turned in. 

All sales the girls make during this time period will go towards the rewards they can earn. Girls can use this opportunity to: 
  • Help themselves advance to the next reward level. 
  • Contact those customers they may have missed during initial order taking.
  • Brainstorm with their troop to find new customers. 
  • Promote the Gift of Caring program. This is an additional way to help Troops deplete their cookie inventory as cookies sold through Goal Getter are distributed out of Cookie Booth inventory. 

Girls who sell an additional 25 boxes will be entered into a Service Unit drawing to win a Girl Scout Bear Build-A-Bear!  (Each Service Unit has one bear).