Monday, February 27, 2017

Girl Scout Cookies: Two Council-Wide Cookie Booth Weekends Yet to Come!

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend (Feb. 24-26) was a blast!  GSSI Girl Scouts hosted booths all over southern Illinois and customers were so excited to get their hands on their favorite tasty treats. 

The fun isn't over! There's still time for your troop to sign up for a Cookie Booth, pick up some extra cases or add another selling date to your schedule! 

Cookie Booths have been a common sales technique since the early 1950's, when Girl Scouts were setting up stands in the malls that were emerging across the country. 

At a Cookie Booth, Girl Scouts sell cookies at area venues – popular areas include area stores, their churches, local community events, etc. It's a great way for girls to practice their leadership and financial literacy skills while working together as a team. 

Remaining Council-Wide Cookie Booth Weekends:
March 4-6 (troops - place orders by 2/28)
March 10-12 (troops - place orders by 3/7)

*Please note that troops can host cookie booths outside of these dates, as well.  Cupboards, however, will not be open, so plan accordingly.

Cookie Booths Are a Great Way to Boost Sales for the 
GSSI Troop Cookie Challenge

If GSSI reaches its council-wide goal of selling 1,025,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies this year, troops will receive special prizes if they meet the following goals:

Troops must sell over 100 boxes more than they did in the 2016 Cookie Sale. NEW troops can qualify if they reach a per-girl-average (PGA) of 130 PLUS an additional 100 boxes. (For example - 5 girls x 130 PGA = 650 boxes plus the extra 100 to qualify means the troop would have to sell 750 boxes.)
Troops must be in good financial standing with GSSI.

After meeting the council-wide goal, troops that meet these troop goals will receive one custom large tote bag will be given per troop and all the girls selling will earn 100 years of Girl Scout Selling Cookies!! 

All About Girl Scout Cookie Booths

Where Can a Troop Have a Cookie Booth?

Troops can hold cookie booths at local businesses, their place of worship, community events, gas stations, etc. Troops should contact all venues for permission before setting up their booth. 

Due to high demand for these spaces, Service Unit Cookie Managers will schedule the following venues: Wal-Mart, Rural King, Lowes', Flying J, Love's and Travel Centers. 

The information for these sites will be uploaded into eBudde as Council Booth sites, but troops can secure any other business or location in their own Service Unit area. Troops must stay within their Service Unit jurisdiction; however that does not mean that troops have to stay in the town they are from. 

Selling in another Service Unit is only allowed with written approval - troops must fill out a form and submit with a seven day grace period for approval. Troops must also visibly display their troop number and service unit at their booth location.

Enter Your Cookie Booths Into eBudde: 

Troops need to enter their cookie booth information in eBudde under "My Sales."   Customers are looking for Girl Scout Cookies - help them and help your troop by making your cookie booth easy to find!  Information entered into eBudde helps GSSI direct customers to your booth, makes it easy for local media to share and lets people use Girl Scouts' national Cookie Finder app to buy cookies. 

Enter the Cookie Troop 100 Challenge for a chance to win up to $3,000! 

How to Order Cookie Booth Cookies 
  1. Log in to eBudde 
  2. Go to the Transaction tab 
  3. Click Add a Transaction 
  4. In the Pickup box, choose a date and time. NEW - Cupboard Hours of Operation will now be shown when placing booth cookies. 
  5. In the 2nd Party box, Cupboard needs to be selected. In the next box, choose the cupboard in which you plan on picking up your cookies. 
  6. Enter your troop order. Make sure you put your order in as cases unless you are filling Goal Getter or Girl Delivery cookies. 
  7. Click Save/Print. Please take this receipt with you when you pick up the cookies

To get ideas on where to hold your cookie booth or to find out some best practices, contact our Product Program team at or hop on Leaders Lounge to hear from experienced GSSI volunteers.