Thursday, December 5, 2013

Four Generations of Girl Scouting at Camp Cedar Point

"My grandmother, Daphna Robinson, was the West Frankfort Service Unit director in the 1960's. She was also my mothers Girl Scout leader.  

I have a photo of my grandmother and other leaders attending Camp Cedar Point, standing in front of Bruce Lodge in 1965. Exactly 30 years later, my mother, Susan Elliott, who was my Girl Scout leader, took our troop to Camp Cedar Point and we had our picture made in front of Bruce Lodge.  Now, 18 years from then, I am my daughter's Girl Scout leader and took my daughter to Camp Cedar Point for the first time this year and had our picture taken standing in front of Bruce Lodge. 

Four generations of Girl Scouts and three generations of Girl Scout leaders standing in the same spot at Camp Cedar Point! 

My grandmother and my mother were both AWESOME Girl Scout leaders! I still have old classmates that were in my mother's troop who tell me stories about her and the times we had being in her troop. She made it so much fun, but we always learned a lot as well! She was more like a second mother to the girls in my troop, rather than just a leader. Now she is my co-leader of my daughters troop. It allows us to spend so much quality time together. I wish my grandmother was still with us to be able to help in my daughters troop as well. But through pictures I can still share the stories with my daughter!

Many of my aunts and cousins have also been leaders, so Girl Scouting runs deep in our family. Hopefully my daughter will continue the tradition with her children as well some day! "

Jacqueline Watkins, West Frankfort

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