Monday, January 27, 2014

GSSI's Goal Getter Program Helps Girls Reach Their Goals

We all know the Girl Scout Cookie Program, the biggest girl-led business in the world, is about so much more than exchanging a box of tasty treats for money. When a Girl Scout sells a box of cookies, she’s doing much more. She’s creating a plan, interacting with customers and working as part of a team. And, she’s also building a lifetime of skills and confidence linked to leadership and financial literacy.  
GSSI’s Goal Getter Program begins Feb. 3. Goal Getter allows girls to extend the time they sell to reach their goals (and the next reward level). Girls should have received their Goal Getter order cards when they turned in their order cards from traditional sales. Girls then return Goal Getter order card when they pick up cookies from the traditional order in mid February. (This date varies by area.) In addition, each Service Unit with Girls Scouts participating in the Goal Getter program will receive one Build-a-Bear that girls who sell an additional 20 boxes will be entered into a Service Unit drawing to win

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