Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sarah's Girl Scout Gold Award Blog: Heavy Lifting

Hey guys!  Several exciting things happened this week!  First of all, all of my books received library pockets, cards, and labels.  Secondly, all of my sensory bags and flour balloons have been made.  Thirdly, my mother and I finished sewing the pillowcases for the 24x24 inch cushions Cindy wanted for the children to lounge on.  Unfortunately, the bookshelves will have to wait until August 1st though because of scheduling issues.
This week had a bit of a stressful start, I do admit.  I managed to break two sewing machine needles within two days.  Not only that, but the thread also kept getting caught and tangled in the fabric.  Many of the stitches did not come out clean and pretty, so we had to rip out all the seams and start over.  I can honestly say that I never wanted to touch another sewing machine ever again because mine was causing me so much grief.  It took four days to complete all three pillowcases. I was ecstatic when the little stinkers were finally finished!  They are beautiful, and I hope they look well in the library.
The next issue I needed to tackle was the creation of more sensory toys.  My leader, Karlene suggested balloons filled with flour because they are colorful and have an interesting texture.  We went to the store and purchased a 25 pound bag of flour and 157 balloons.  I asked for volunteers in and out of my troop to help me create these balloons on Sunday afternoon.  Karlene, her co-leader, Penny, my best friend, his friend, and one girl from my troop came over to join my workforce.  I even baked them cookies!  We succeeded in filling every balloon within 2 hours!  Since we had time to spare, we headed downstairs to my hoard of books and organized them alphabetically so we could label their library cards.  It took a lot of cookies and patience, but we managed to finish the job!  I love my help so much! They are truly superheroes when it comes to monotonous tasks.  Every project needs support.  Volunteers make every task quicker and easier.  Soon enough, the job will seem like clockwork.
Most of the heavy lifting for the project is done (thankfully), but there is still more to do.  The literal heavy lifting will be done the day before the grand opening (getting two bookshelves up three flights of stairs). Sounds fun, right?  Regardless, I’m blessed to be gaining progress.  I won’t even have to worry about the books again until the day we set up the library.  Onward and upward!