Friday, January 29, 2016

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois Spotlight Awardees: Fall 2015/Winter 2016

GSSI’s Spotlight Award honors GSSI Volunteers who are being recognized by their peers for outstanding effort.  Without the commitment of passionate volunteers, Girl Scouts would not be the amazing organization it is today! 

Multiple volunteers can be honored through the Spotlight Award each month and there is no form required. To make a nomination, you can just e-mail or tell your local Membership Development Manager or Service Unit Manager. Please include the volunteer’s name, Service Unit number and one or two sentences that express why you would like that volunteer to be recognized. Help us put the Spotlight on our awesome volunteers!

January Spotlight Award Recipients:
Sherry Sutton, SU 7 - Bond County: “Although her daughter graduated this past year, Sherry continues to be a major asset to the area and began serving this year as the Area Product Sales Manager for both Product Programs. She is an excellent team player, enthusiastic, and a great volunteer.” 

Linda Sargent, SU 12 – Clay County: “Linda is a new leader who has a Girl Scout troop AND a Boy Scout troop. She went to a new school in Flora and had a breakfast rally for all the girls in attendance. Due to her efforts, many girls were recruited for the area.” 

Linda Pennington, SU 24: “Linda was a troop leader for several years when her daughter was young. She has served as Area Product Sales Manager and always offers to assist at any area event or recruitment. Linda came back this year to serve as a Daisy Troop Leader for a troop that otherwise did not have a leader. You always see Linda with a smile and an attitude of cheerfulness and gratitude.” 

Julia Merriman, SU 30 Jefferson: “At the leaders meeting in October, she had the most publicity in the papers for her troop. The girls have done so many wonderful activities and it’s all newsworthy.” 

Jennifer Larrison, SU 45: “Jennifer has served as the area’s Day Camp Director in the past and currently serves as an assistant leader and also is the area Treasurer. Jennifer always has a positive attitude and makes Girl Scouting fun for girls and adults alike!” 

Robin Jarvis, SU 54 - Perry County: “Robin has only been a leader for four months but in that short time she has portrayed the real reason to be a Girl Scout many times. She puts her heart and soul into her troop and other Girl Scout functions. She sacrifi ces any spare time she has to make sure her meetings are perfect.” 

Deb Evans and Kristy Neff, SU 57 - Randolph North “Deb and Kelsey are still somewhat new troop leaders, however, they recently held an event for an area Halloween celebration. Girls and adults are still talking about the fun they had and how well organized the event went. Everyone in the area is looking forward to more events led by Deb and Kristy in the future!” 

Becky Hohgrefe, SU 60 - South Randolph: “Although her daughters are now adults, Becky continues to be an older girl troop leader and is an excellent role model for girls and adults alike. She has mentored and encouraged girls to take Girl Scout Destinations across the world. She has also been the primary chaperone taking troops of girls on extended troop trips to locations such as the Historic Birthplace of Girl Scouts in Savannah, Georgia. She inspires girl to set goals and reach them!”

Marci Malnar, SU 72 - UPAC: “Marci has continued to be involved in Girl Scouts although her daughters are now adults. She serves as the Area Service Unit Manager. Marci is an excellent role model to girls and adults. Marci is a positive force and has made a difference in the area.” 

Karen Miller, SU 108 - Edwardsville/Glen Carbon: “She stepped up and became the Fall Product Sales Manager for SU 108 without hesitation and she did a great job. Karen has shown exemplary leadership.”

December Spotlight Award Recipients:
Diana Doll, SU 7 - Bond County “Diana is an inspiration and true leader of volunteers and girls.” 

Alicia Dixon, SU 51 - North Franklin County “Alicia is the Service Unit Manager and Registrar. She plays a huge part in the recruitment of girls and leaders in the Service Unit. She makes sure everything runs smoothly at Service Unit meetings, events, and troop meetings. If the troop doesn’t have a leader she will start them out until a leader is found. She always has food and drinks at all of the Service Unit Meetings. She is a huge reason North Franklin is as successful as they are.” 

Tracey Cheeesman, SU 78 - Wabash/Edwards Counties “Tracey is the Service Unit Manager. She plays a huge part in the recruitment of girls and leaders in the Service Unit. Wabash/Edwards has met their girl goal and Tracey has done a great job making sure everything runs smoothly in the Service Unit. 

Mary Armes, SU 87 - West Frankfort “Mary is the Service Unit Manager, Registrar, and Fall Product Sale Manager. She plays a huge part in the recruitment of girls and leaders in the Service Unit. West Frankfort has met girl and adult goal this year. Mary is also a trainer and makes sure the leaders receive the training that they need. 

Michelle Myatt, SU 102 Granite City/Madison/Venice “She is the Leader for our Special Needs Troop in Granite City. Her outstanding leadership and continued dedication should be recognized.” 

Joanna Espique, SU 202 - ClinClair “Joanna is an asset to her local troops, her Service Unit, and to GSSI! She is a troop leader, Service Unit team member, cookie cupboard host and fall product manager. She has three daughters, all of which have been enrolled with Girl Scouts. She is active in her daughters’ troop, she also participates in Service Unit events and campouts. She has been a previous Service Unit Manager and Fall Product Manager for Service Unit 202. She holds the Cookie Cupboard at her house for the past several years. She is my go-to person when I need help or an idea to make something happen! She is one of the main reasons I am as active in Girl Scouts as I am today. For this, I have much appreciation.” 

Elaine Brandenburg, SU 533 - Clark/Crawford “She has volunteered for many Service Unit positions, leader for two troops as well as co-Neoga coordinator. She a great addition to Girl Scouts since she joined.”

November Spotlight Award recipients: 
Chris Scarbrough, SU 102: Chris was recognized for her continued dedication to volunteer in the Council Office, be the SU Registrar, Troop Organizer, Fall/Spring Product Manager and Trainer. 

Jason Dothager, SU 107: Jason was recognized for his support at the Service Unit Day and his Outstanding support at the Service Unit Registration night. Krysti Connelly, SU 109: Krysti was recognized for her taking over a Daisy TOC for the Service Unit and also for her continued support to parents to keep a Daisy troop from disbanding. 

Ronnie Winterich, SU 111, - for her taking on a Daisy troop because the need was there and also making sure that every troop turned in their fi nancials, she developed a Service unit Newsletter which has helped the Service Unit improve communications and information to leaders. Stephanie Hylin, SU 42: Stephanie has been a huge help in getting new leaders for troops. She has talked with them when they were unsure about volunteering and even invited people to attend her meetings so she could “show them the ropes.” 

Dusty Copple, SU 27: Dusty was very helpful with recruitments this year. She attended several school events and worked at our large recruitment event. She has also been mentoring a new Daisy leader to help her get her troop started. 

Amy Taylor, SU 90: Amy is both the NCM and Cookie Program Manager. This fall, Amy worked very hard to make sure that all of her troop leaders were trained and pumped up for the sale. She always goes above and beyond to be accommodating and available to volunteers in her service unit. West Williamson exceeded their product program goal by $14,000 and Amy was instrumental in making that happen. 

Samantha McCann, SU 72: Samantha has only been on board for a year. She did quite well managing the SU Day Camp this past summer and is already making plans for a Disney themed Day Camp for this coming summer. She is enthusiastic, has great communication, is very organized and has been a huge asset to the SU.