Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois Spotlight Awardees: April 2016

GSSI’s Spotlight Award recognizes multiple GSSI volunteers per month and there is no form required. To make a nomination, you can just e-mail or tell your MDM or SUM. Please include the volunteer’s name, Service Unit number and one or two sentences that express why you would like that volunteer to be recognized. Help us put the Spotlight on our awesome volunteers! Read this month’s Spotlight Award recipients and praise from the volunteers who nominated them: 

SU 30 - Jefferson County: 
Sheila Jolly Scrivner 

“Sheila has taken time out of her schedule to promote Girl Scouts in the underserved areas of Service Unit 30. She advises new troop leaders to ensure that they have a good experience in Girl Scouts for their first few months. She assists with the recruitment of new troop leaders - since January there are already 30 new girls in two troops. It doesn’t stop there - currently she is working with the team on an all town recruitment for the county schools “Bring a Friend” registration event. She is a SU Manager who ensures that every girl in Jefferson County gets the opportunity to join.” 

SU 66 - Shawnee: 
Jennie Smith 

“Jennie has recruited many adults in Service Unit 66. She had a goal of 45 adults and increased her adult membership in her area by more than 60, including volunteers working with troops that needed assistance or new leadership. She had parent meetings and talked to them about the needs of the troop leader so that parents did not hesitate to come forward and help. Jennie goes out of her way to ensure leaders have what they need to promote the Girl Scout program.” 

SU 101 - Alton/Godfrey/Wood River/Roxana: 
Julie Gorsage 

“Julie has a troop of Cadettes but when Leader Toni Fry-Hilgert passed away, Julie stepped in and took over her troop to have as little interruption for those girls as possible. She stepped in right in the midst of cookie season and has worked to keep the parents informed of Troop activities and events. She has also worked with the parents and girls to make sure the girls get the patches that they have earned, and is helping them to earn more patches during the remainder of the year. Julie has made it as smooth of a transition for the Service Unit and the Troop as she possibly could under these circumstances. She has taken awesomeness to its highest level.” 

SU 106 - Bethalto: 
Belinda Warren 

“Belinda is the Service Unit Registrar and she does an awesome job with girls of all ages. She has had to take on extra responsibilities at home and still manages to be a very active volunteer and attend the all of Service Unit meetings. As we get older, we expect our lives to become less complicated, but sometimes many of us are chosen to walk a much different path than we have planned.” 

SU 107 - South Macoupin County: 
Christina Wright
“Christina is deserving of the Spotlight Award for her hard work and dedication during our 2016 Cookie Program. Christina was unaware of the task of Service Unit Cookie Manager when she so graciously accepted the position. Yet, she has done an AWESOME job this Cookie Program!” 

SU 109 - Troy/St. Jacob: 
Cassandra Townsend 

“Cassie’s hard work and dedication didn’t go unnoticed during this Cookie Season. Many parents and fellow volunteers praised her for doing Cookie Manager and how she’s always promoting the great things that girls gain from selling cookies. She also should be recognized for answering the call for volunteers needed at the Glen Carbon Cookie Cupboard.”

SU 110 - Highland: 
Nicole Balint: 

“Nicole has been doing an outstanding job as Service Unit 110 Cookie Manager for several years. She makes sure that all Leaders are trained and have all information that pertains to the Cookie Program. She’s dedicated and puts in countless hours to assure that THIS Cookie Sale is bigger and better than the year before.” 

SU 111 - Collinsville: 
Robin Pinkle 

“Robin Gets EXCITED for the Cookie Program; she can’t wait for the girls to get out there and start SELLING! Robin has brought new ideas to increase girl participation in the Cookie Program for her Service Unit this year. Robin made sure SU 111 girls, leaders and parents were updated on all communication from GSSI.” 

SU- 201 - O’Fallon/Shiloh: 
Jennifer Hanny 

“Jennifer has been the Cookie Manager for SU 201 - one of GSSI largest Service Units - for several years. Jennifer’s efficiency makes it possible for girls, leaders and volunteers to pick up their cookies at the designated time. Jennifer also runs the Cookie Cupboard for O’Fallon and surrounding areas. She has done so much to make the 2016 Cookie Program a success!” 

SU- 203 - Fairview Heights: 
Joann Wymer: 

“Joann is a Multi-Volunteer: she’s Co-Service Unit Manager, Troop Leader and this year the Service Unit Product Program Manager. During this year’s Cookie Program, Joann made sure the girls had a great Cookie Rally which had them more motivated and excited to sell cookies this year.”