Thursday, November 17, 2016

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois' FIRST LEGO League Robotics Teams to Compete

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois FIRST Robotics League (FLL) teams are schedule to compete on Nov. 19, Dec. 13, Dec. 4 and Dec. 10. 

FLL is a robotics program for 9 to 14 year olds which is designed to get children excited about science and technology, as well as teach them valuable life skills. Along with programming robots, teams are also evaluated on an elaborate research project, as well as how well they demonstrate FLL Core Values, which include teamwork, collective learning, active participation and gracious professionalism. After practicing and preparing for months, teams meet at regional qualifying tournaments to be graded on the three elements, with the top teams advancing to state competition.

Good luck to GSSI's teams this season! 

GSSI FLL Regional Qualifying Tournament Schedule:

November 19 - Carriel Jr. High, O'Fallon,IL 
EV3 3ntourage and coaches RIcky and Celeste Borders from Anna
St. Mary's and coaches Jessica Farris and Sue Brown from Alton

December 3 - Henning Elementary School, Troy,IL
GIR! and coaches Jason and Sarah Dothager from Staunton
Lacing to Victory and coaches Jill Thomas and Stacy Schroeder from Albers
Knights of the Round LEGO and coaches Winnie Kenney and Kevin Poncirolli from O'Fallon
SWAT and coaches Krysti Connelly and Jeremy Pokomy from Troy
MOST and coaches Leslie Lesko and Mark Harmon from Mt. Olive
Unnamed and coach Vicki Hoskin from Chester

December 4 - Lincolnland Community College, Springfield, IL
Firebreathing Hexicorns and coach Julie Herr from Belleville

December 10 - Carriel Jr. High, O'Fallon, IL 
Purple Robot Penguins and coach Larry Buchanan from O'Fallon
Flower STEMs and coaches Megan Terrell and George Mitchom from O'Fallon
Nameless and coach Stacey Young from O'Fallon