Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Help Us Make New Online Enrichment Courses!

Your troop has a chance to be featured in new online enrichment courses.  We are in the process of building new, more dynamic, online enrichment courses.  To enhance the courses, we would like to add photos and videos of girls to further explain some points outlined in the courses.  Either a photo or video will work unless noted.  

Please send us what you have, noting the grade level and activity, or capture these moments with your girls if you’ll be doing any of these activities in the next couple of months.  We hope to have everything by mid-January.  Contact us at volunteer@gsofsi.org to make a submission.  If e-mailing, please put "Online Courses" as the subject line.  You can also request us to send you a link to upload a larger file for us to receive through Dropbox.


Nature walk
Cutting with scissors
Visiting an animal shelter or farm
Kaper chart with photos of girls and/or images of tasks

Outdoor troop meeting
Girls working in groups
Role play
Agenda or poster of meeting schedule
Using tools or sewing with adult assistance

Girls passing out snacks or activities
Daisy Circle
Brownie Ring – talking stick (video)

Decision making process (video)
Working in groups
Performing – dance, skit, routine (video)

Girl leading a meeting
Girls and adults working together on a take action project
Working with younger adults
Discussion or debate on a topic (video)

Show girls leading a planning session 
Girls “just talking”

Girl meeting with a community partner or organization