Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Volunteers! Display Your Outdoor Skills Expertise with our Trained Leader Patch & Charms!

Through outdoor experiences, girls build self reliance and confidence, expand their horizons and experience the wonder of the natural world.  Not to mention - they have a great time with friends

You should be proud of all you do to help girls have fun and build new skills and leadership in the great outdoors!  Put your expertise on display with our new "Trained Leader" patch and charms set. 

To earn the charms, volunteers first must complete the certification for each subject.  Once completed, fill out the order form on our website to build your "Trained Leader" charm collection!  Then proudly display your patch and charms on your jacket or vest, on a tote bag you use for Girl Scouts - anywhere that makes you feel good about the amazing things you do for girls every day! 

Upcoming Adult Trainings:

First Aid/CRP/AED

Camping In

Camping Out