Thursday, February 16, 2017

2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program: Cookie Delivery Basics

What should I expect at cookie delivery?

Each delivery site is a slightly different, but here are the basics:
  • Arrive at your assigned or chosen time.
  • Be sure to use a vehicle large enough to hold all of your cookies at once. See the chart below for general guidelines on how many cases will fit in your car. Please note that this is accurate if your car is free of car seats, strollers and the like. If you need multiple vehicles to pick up your order, be sure to arrive and get in line together.
  • You are required to get out of your car and count the cookies as they are loaded. Your troop is responsible for the cookies that you sign for.
  • If there is an error, notify a worker immediately. If you get home and find an error, contact your Service Unit Product Manager.

How much will my car hold? 

Compact Car: 1-35
Standard Car: 35-50
Standard Wagon: 50-75
Standard Pick Up: 100
SUV/Mini Van: 75-150
Standard Van: 150-200

Why are receipts important? 

  • Providing a receipt each time cookies exchange hands keeps a record of who is financially responsible for those cookies.  Protect yourself, protect your troop and protect your Girl Scouts - always give a receipt.
  • Always date the receipt; include the troop number and girl’s name.
  • You and the parent should sign the receipt.  Keep one copy and give the other to the parent.

Delivery to Girl Scouts and families
  • Follow these easy steps to ensure a successful delivery to your parents and girls!
  • Notify parents of the date, time and location that they can pick up their order.  Give yourself enough time to get home, unload the cookies and prepare the orders.
  • Sort all cookies and orders before you let any parents pick up cookies.  This will help you identify a problem with your order before anyone picks up.
  • Prepare cookie receipts for each girl.  When parents pick up, have them count and verify their order.  Complete a receipt for every cookie transaction.  Provide each girl with a money envelope with their balance and the date it’s due.
  • Remember, parents are responsible for all cookies that they sign for.  You must write a receipt each and every time cookies or money exchanges hands.  Keep your receipts in a safe place with the parent permission slips.
  • If you have a girl with separated parents, be sure that the parents pick up their separate orders.
  • You should collect money from the girls for their initial order within two weeks.
  • At this time, you can collect the girls’ Goal Getter cards so you can pick up their orders at the cookie cupboard.

Delivery to customers
  • It’s important to deliver the cookies to the customers as soon as possible.  Booth sales begin February 24, 2017, and if customers see that other people have their cookies before they do, they may be upset.
  • As girls deliver cookies, they should collect any remaining payment at that time and put inside their money envelope.
  • Checks should be made payable to the troop.
  • Check out GSSI's website for helpful resources and marketing materials for girls.
  • All cookies are $4 per package, except for Toffee-Tastic and S’mores which are $5 per package, and they should not be sold at any other price.
  • Girls should turn in money to troop leaders often and shouldn’t hold a check for over a week.  The troop leaders should make frequent deposits.
  • When girls deliver cookies, they should ask the customers if they would like to order additional packages as the ones they ordered are likely to be gone within a short time.  They can also promote upcoming cookie booths the troop is hosting.