Monday, December 22, 2014

The Girl Scout Cookie Program Starts Jan. 10 - How Families Can Get Involved!

Girl Scout Cookies are coming to southern Illinois on January 10!  Funds from sales of Girl Scout Cookies help pay for troop activities and help GSSI provide quality programming, volunteer training, camp maintenance and financial assistance.   Girls also learn five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.   Girls also have fun and develop lifelong friendships while working as a team.   Read more...
How Families Can Help: 
Getting Started Before Cookie Program Starts:
Girls must be registered members, as well as have a parent/guardian permission form signed and turned in before participating. 
The Digital Cookie platform is new this year and will give girls a safe place to sell cookies online.  To participate, her membership account needs to include a parent/guardian e-mail address.  If necessary, update her information using eBiz or by calling 800.345.6858.
Go Over Safety Tips Together
Support her sales:

Encourage goal setting by guiding her to set practical and useful goals about what she wants to learn and earn.

Practice a sales pitch and offer suggestions for improvements or role-play a sales transaction together. Visit and to explore great resources, clip art and activities to use throughout the sale.

Help her use the online Digital Order Card platform. Share e-mail addresses of family and friends for online orders.
Help her take orders or arrange booth site sales at work, places of worship or other locations.

Help your Girl Scout network with family and friends, but let her do the “ask” so she can learn important business skills.

Volunteer to help with cookie booth sales, picking up cookies at the delivery site and more.
Meet all deadlines for turning in order cards and money to the Troop Leader.

Practice safety and above all have FUN together!

Remember that the Girl Scout Cookie Program is a part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience which is girl driven. Let your Girl Scout take the lead in selling cookies and reaching goals. Your encouragement, coaching and guidance are key ingredients to a successful Cookie Program experience for her.