Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sarah's Girl Scout Gold Award Blog: A Busy Week

Hey everyone!  This week has been a very busy one for sure.  I recruited my family to help me which was a huge relief.  My mom logged the rest of the books into the computer and repaired all of the ones with broken bindings.  My sister was eager to get crafty, so I let her start creating the library’s grand opening party decorations.  I cut fabric and sewed them, creating sensory bags.  I’m so thankful that help arrived because I would probably still be telling you I was documenting books if it hadn’t.
At the beginning of this week, I had planned to dictate a schedule in order to work on the library more.  It just so happened that my work schedule at Dairy Queen allowed me a few free days to get some decent work done on the project. 
My best friend came over and we measured out rectangles of old fabric I had in my sewing kit.  There was a lot of variety in the fabric.  I had fabric with everything from polka dots to cats in space on it.  Hopefully, the kids will enjoy them.  After we got everything cut up, I folded the rectangles in half and sewed two of their edges together.  The plan is to take the unfinished baggies to the church where our troop meets and have some of the girls help me fill them and sew them shut.  As I was busily parked at my sewing machine, my mom was hot gluing, super gluing, and taping damaged books back together.  Once she was done, the books looked as good as new (well, almostJ).  I tested them by shaking them by their bindings.  Luckily, all of them passed the test.  While that was going on, my older sister was busy being creative with a grand opening poster.  She made it read: Welcome to the Exceptional Learners’ Library Grand Opening!  It looked really cool because she replaced some of the letters with school supplies.  Personally, I thought she should have waited on the poster, but at least it will be one less thing to do later on.  Any help is better than no help. 
Later in the week, Karlene asked me to pick up some more donated supplies.  Yay!  I received two wooden crates for the rolling library cart, five checker games, and a yard or two of burlap fabric left over from Girl Scout Day Camp.  No more book work! It’s time to get crafty! 
Some photos from my week: