Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sarah's Girl Scout Gold Award Blog: Getting Down to Business

Hello everyone!  My Girl Scout Gold Award project was at a bit of a standstill last week.  This week, however, my mentor Karlene and I got down to business.  This week, we went shopping!
Earlier this week, we hit 5 Below and two Walmarts in order to collect some supplies we would need to make this library a success.  Our list included: beanbag chairs, rugs, steno pads, mood lighting, and little trinkets to fill my homemade sensory bags with.  Bargain hunting soon became the main mission of our endeavor since I was only given $200 in grant money.  We found two lava lamps for $5 each and several steno pads for $0.88 each.  Amazingly enough, we only went about $45 over budget.  We were able to check everything off the list! Well, almost everything.  The only things I needed were library cards and pockets and a check-out stamp.  I ended up buying those online. 
Later in the week, I asked some girls in the troop to come over and help me get some heavy work done on the project.  I set up three stations: a filling station, a sewing station, and a pocket gluing station.  The girls came over and immediately got to work.  I was busy sewing sensory bags.  A couple girls filled the bags with various items and the rest of us sewed them shut.  The girls who arrived a little later assumed the role of gluing library pockets in the books and slipping a card into each one.  We all worked for 5 hours straight.  The lemonade and the conversation flowed like water through a dam.  Time flew by and so did the work.  We finished 149 bags and managed to attach pockets to about 300 books. Only 221 books to go! 
Next week, I plan to finally meet with my handyman and get those darn bookshelves built.  The quicker those are knocked out, the quicker we can paint them and set them aside for later.  I promise to be prompt on my next update.  Until next time!
Week Six Photos