Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sarah's Girl Scout Gold Award Blog: Week Four

Hello all! Sorry about this late update.  I was at a family reunion in South Dakota last week.  It was nice to have a short break and spend some time with the family, but I’m back and ready to get to work. 
Unfortunately, I didn’t meet my goal of documenting all of the books by last Tuesday, but that’s okay.  More donations came rolling in, and I’m going to pick them up from Mrs. Karlene’s house tomorrow.  We definitely won’t run out of books, that’s for sure.  I’m so thankful for all the support I received thus far. 
I talked to my best friend to see if his dad would be available to help us build the bookshelves, and he said we might have to wait a week.  His dad was recently diagnosed with leukemia and just received his first round of chemo.  When I found out, I told him he shouldn’t worry about the bookshelves, but he insisted on still helping me with the project.  He still wants to donate the wood and give oral instructions, but building the shelves will be up to my friend and me.  I am completely okay with that. 
In the meantime, I need to finish counting and inventorying my books.  After they are all tallied up, I need to go online and purchase library check-out cards and pockets.  I looked up the prices this week to find a bargain.  I try my best to be a savvy shopper and save money.  With college just around the corner, saving money is a must.  However, I can spare some expense to make a comfortable, stylish library.  Like any typical teenage girls, I love to go shopping.  I might need to put in a few extra hours working at Dairy Queen, but it will be worth it!  I also have a nanny job two days a week that will help cover some costs as well. 
When pursuing the Girl Scou Gold Award, it’s very important to create a budget and try to stick to it.  Part-time jobs or self-organized fundraisers will make the project easier on your wallet.  Of course, donations always help!  This coming week, I hope to wrap up all book documentations and start making toys and eventually the bookshelves.  It’s time to get cracking!