Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sarah's Girl Scout Gold Award Blog: A Productive Week

Greetings!  How is everybody?  This week has been very productive, if I do say so myself.  Lots of progress has been made on my project so far.  Someof the work took whole days to complete, but it was definitely worth it.
My first goal of this week was to dig through the rest of my donations in order to decipher which books could and could not be used.  On Tuesday, I recruited my best friend to come over and help me sort the books.  He was more than happy to help.  We tackled each box together, looking for damage or graffiti.  It was obvious that some of the books had been in the hands of a mischievous toddler because there were Barbie stickers plastered on every page! 
 Not only did we have to worry about the stickers inside the book, but we also needed to tear off the price stickers that were stuck to the back.  Many of those pesky stickers refused to come off!  Even if they did, they left a sticky residue.  Several de-stickered books became stuck together!  Besides ripping stickers, we had to wipe away the crusty scum that covered the fronts and backs of most of the books.  After several dirty Wet Wipes, our books were smooth and sparkling.  It took nearly five hours to clean and remove stickers from every book.  I think it’s safe to say that I never want to peel another sticker off of anything ever again.  We were tired, but we finally finished the job!  My friend and I celebrated our victory with a grilled cheese break.  After lunch, we packed the books back up in their boxes and set them aside for further use.
Later in the week, on Friday, I decided to take another crack at those books.  I grabbed a laptop and parked myself in a comfy chair.  I pulled up an Excel spreadsheet and began documenting each book.  Book by book, box by box, I recorded the title, author, and ISBN number of each usable book.  It took me two days to catalog 193 books.  With the push of a button, the list was alphabetized from A to Z by author names.  The good news is, over half of my books are organized and documented on the computer.  There are still one or two boxes left to inventory, but I plan to finish them all by Tuesday of next week.  After that, I plan to use my spreadsheet as a system of how to organize the books on the shelves and as a check-out roster for the students. 
Remember to use your project resources whenever to can in order to be efficient.  Some things you create such as lists can come in handy later on.  Also, not every task you complete will be easy.  It will take a lot of determination and motivation.  I learned that some aspects of this project will definitely test my patience, but if I focus on the outcome, the effort will pay off.