Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sarah's Girl Scout Gold Award Blog: Getting Support

Hi guys, it’s Sarah again!  This week has been very productive, and I’m so appreciative of all the support from the community.  I have received over 113 old and new books and two boxes full of toys and games as donations.  All week, I was busy going through donations and finding outside resources to help make my project a success.
Early this week, I sifted through my first round of donations.  I was looking for any damaged or vandalized books.  These books were older and definitely used.  It’s really important to examine any donations you might receive for your project to make sure they are even usable. 
On Wednesday, my troop leader, Karlene, dropped off another round of donations.  I was very excited because these were shiny and brand new.  Now that I have the books, I need to consider options for bookshelves.  I’ve decided that I want to build my own bookshelves in order to get some handywoman experience.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone in my immediate family that could teach me.  Then, I remembered that my best friend’s dad was in the process of building a deck for their house.  I had found my handyman!

 I asked my friend if his dad would be willing to show me how to build a bookshelf or if he was willing to give me any building tips.  He told me his dad would be more than happy to help.  The next time I was at his house, all three of us sat down to discuss dimensions for the shelves and floor plans for the library.  His dad even said he would donate the wood I would need to build the shelves!  He also agreed to show me how to build them.  Once the blueprints are all drawn up, we’ll be able to start construction!  After those are done, I can focus on other fun furniture like beanbag chairs and a fish tank. There is still a lot to do, but the project definitely has a promising start.