Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cheynne Chalkus of Salem Earns the Girl Scouts Medal of Honor

Cheyenne Chalkus of Salem was 18 years old last August when she saved the life of her 22 month old nephew Skyler after he had an accidental fall into the hot tub. She immediately laid him on the deck and started chest compressions while her mother called 911. After several compressions, Skyler started to faintly cry and breathe on his own. Cheyenne then sat him up and waited for paramedics to arrive. Once there, the paramedics found Skyler fully alert.

“They said it was a good thing I knew CPR,” said Cheyenne. “Today he is a completely healthy and happy boy, and I am so glad I could help him,” she added. Cheyenne is the daughter of Scott and Carole Chalkus.