Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kayli Kohn from Fairfield Earns Girl Scouts' Medal of Honor

Kayli Kohn of Fairfield was 10 years old when she rescued her two year old brother Hudson in 2013. Kayli was putting Hudson into the van as the family was leaving a local business. Before her father and stepmother got into the car, Hudson accidentally hit the gear shift and the van began to roll backwards into the street, although the keys were not in the van’s ignition. Kayli began to yell to get the attention of the oncoming traffic. Her attempts were successful as the cars came to a stop before colliding with the family vehicle. After crossing two lanes of traffic, the van struck a building and came to a stop. Hudson was unharmed when he was taken out of the vehicle, and it was later determined that the van’s gear shift was defective. 

“My brother was so scared, and he was crying in my arms. Nobody got hurt; we are so lucky. I love my brother so much,” said Kayli. Kayli is the daughter of Jessica and Jeremy Kohn.